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Life in My World

June 12, 2010

Hours roll by like water. Days turn to nights, turn to weeks, and months have gone by and things feel like forever and yet barely a moment all at the same time. My general perception of time is warped beyond what I ever remembered before when I used to work full time. It seems no sooner do I get some time off and it is gone again in the blink of an eye. Then I find myself on Monday morning once more praying that Friday will just hurry up and get here so that I can be with the people that matter most in my life. And strangly enough the weeks seem to oblige me and fly past at warp speed.

The thing is now that I dont feel like I have any time for anything anymore. I mean I have time but there just never seems to be enough of it. Part of me hates it. I miss my kids more than I let on to them, and I wish like heck I didnt have to work all day, but in a way it is good for all of us. I am no longer stressed out about my job. At least not in the way that I used to be. I still deal with day to day pressures of the job that I do and the fact that accuracy must at all times be 100% but at the same time there is no one standing there with a whip over me yelling at me all the time. And it is good for the girls to be independant and not to always rely on me for everything. Not only that but it makes the time that the five of us spend together all that much more precious.

That is one thing I have learned in the almost three months since I started my job. That two and a bit hours isnt a lot of time and we have to pack in as much as humanly possible into it. Most of what we end up doing is going out for long walks, sometimes geocaching and now we are starting into baseball, but mostly in the evenings we just grab some sort of treat and take a long walk, hit up a couple of parks for the kids and then come home.

The kids are sated and tired. We parents feel refreshed and truly enjoy the time that we have with the kids. It might not be much but we make it matter. I am looking forward to the day that they can ride their bikes for a good distance as I would love to go for long bike rides with them. Someday soon I suppose I will have that.

For now I get to enjoy the long walks and batting practice. Geocaching and hiking. And I will sit here and count the days until our big camping trip.

33 days as of the writing of this entry.

Until tomorrow…

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