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December 29, 2010


That’s what this year is to me. Just wow.

This has been one of those years the just rushes up and rushes onwards at a rate that would make anyone wonder where the year has gone. Everything in my world has changed since last year.

I have a new job, one that not only I like going to but that actually likes having me there. (not that the old one didn’t but the boss… well that’s water under the bridge now anyways)

I have now become the owner of my home. (Not that I wasn’t before but the deed now says that I am. Mind you so does the mortgage but that’s part of the joy, owing a boat load of money—right?)

I have loved and lost some wonderful pets in my home.

I have watched my beautiful daughters grow and mature and rise up to being the ladies i have spent the last five years teaching them how to be.

I have found a way to take the girls further away from home than they have ever gone in their lives. (With help of course! But no man is a mountain unto himself)

I have gotten my drivers license. (Well the first step in the long process anyways, complete with mug shot might i add.)

I have made some new friends, and learned the values of holding onto the old ones with a vice like grip.

I have also learned something that I hope to carry into the new year with me. And that is that I need to slow down, and relax. Take time for me.

Since I have been working I have found myself trying to do the same stuff that I used to do when I was only working part time. Let me tell you folks this does not work out all the time. In fact it rarely works out the way that you want it to. However this coming year I am going to try my best to pare some stuff down from last year and see how that goes. I know that there are somethings that I wont pare down at all and that’s fine. There are somethings I have always done rain or shine and that wont ever change, but then there are somethings that I think that I need to shave off somewhere. What and where I am not sure yet but I am going to work on it. Thats for sure.

I cant believe how quiet it is in the house. Kids are still sleeping and hubbys at work. Cats and pigs are dozing. Justs me. Good time to reflect. At least I think so. But I should get back to some of the other stuff I need to do today on this thing, before the kids get up and want to go shopping. They got new guitars for christmas and need to go out and buy picks for them.

No rest for the wicked 🙂

Until we meet agan….

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