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What a day!

December 31, 2010

Well we didnt end up going to see the Terra Cotta Warriors yesterday. Which turned out to be fine anyways.

Got to Grams house just about noon and I say so what would you like to do today… her response… I want to go to Dundas Square…. (please insert confusion here, I thought she meant the mall outside Lawerence West subway station, and said as much to her.) Her response… no I mean the one downtown. Me: Eatons Center? Her: Yea that one. Me: Umm Ok Lets Go!

So off we went, by SUBWAY to the Eatons Center. Remember I have three kids and an elderly lady. Truth be told it went far better than I had expected. The last time we went down there it was just me and her, and we didnt have the kids, and it was a whole lot less busy but she came home winded and exhausted. That must have been close to two years ago now.

This time however she had a blast (that’s normal with me and her) but she didnt come home winded and exhausted. Properly tired yes, but not exhausted. She negotiated the obstacles beautifully and had no issues with the stairs. I have to say that her walking has improved immensely since that last trip. Shes had her hip replaced and has been going to her physical therapy twice a week since even though the mandatory sessions are long since passed. Its right across the street, its free and its doing her good. Thats all that matters to me. The proof is in the pudding as they say.

Truth be told I couldnt have had a better day out with my kids and my grams. Just relaxing and fun, a little bit of effort tossed in for good measure for me but none the less I wouldnt have hat it any other way.

Thanks to my Little Lady and Rugrats for the wonderful day! 🙂

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