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Lazy Days….

January 2, 2011

Lazy days are coming to an end for me. Not that they have all been that lazy really. I got a lot done that I wanted to get done over the holidays, and I got to do a lot of fun things, see a whole bunch of people and had some time to be lazy. That to me sounds like a great holiday.

Daily Goals: For the year I am going to try and the following things every day for the entire year.
1) Blog Daily… so far so good.
2) Crochet 2-3 Granny Squares for charity. (Will blog more on that later) I am behind one day on this one and in my defense I have been trying my hardest to get done a scarf and hat set for each of the girls and I would like to get it done before they go back to school tomorrow so I may have some catching up to do after tonight.
3)School work. I am going to try and make sure I read/do at least 10 pages worth of school work a night. Except weekends. Going to start that tomorrow.

Monthly Goals:
1) Finish one outstanding project a month. I have started I dont know how many countless progects of many varieties. I need to get them done. Like now. Too many crafts makes hubby cwazy. EEK!
2) Finish one of my outstanding books, writing wise I mean. I have three of them that need to be finished and i sort of need to get on it. Lazy butt I am.
3) Read one book a month… yes I know I know. I have so many books that its going to take more than a year to get through them all. I will work on this one.

And the main goal this year? i have already failed. The main goal this year is to not take on too much stuff. To have the ability to say no to things. And yes I know most of this i could say no to. But the fact is is that a lot of this relaxes me. The crafts the reading and writing. Thats all fun stuff for me. SO maybe I havent failed that one just yet. We will see. 😉

Until tomorrow…

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