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The Great Crawlspace Clean Out…

January 4, 2011

Every home has one. It is the area of your home where everything that you move into your house with that you aren’t going to use right away goes to live. And there it sits. Waiting for you to come and claim it. It collects dust and sits waiting to be forgotten.
As the months drag on the boxes of odds and ends become that less important. Then years start to pass and that handful of boxes that you started out with suddenly seem to have attracted a few new friends.

You look in that space wondering where it all came from. And wondering where all the space you started out with went to. Then you restack it all. Thinking ‘I’ll get to it later” and you make it neat and tidy and find that while you don’t have the same amount of space you started out with you sill have a fair bit.

This goes on several cycles until you find you have no space left what so ever. And you realize that five years have passed and something needs to be done.

That my faithful friends is where me and my darling husband sat that fine morning. Truth be told we had been sitting at that spot for over a year. I finally got up the guts to do something about it yesterday.

We planned to do the big clean out yesterday because we were both off but our kids would be at school. Perfect time to get through the small mountain of things that had somehow filled our crawl space.

What we didn’t realize was just how big of a small mountain it really was. We worked away at it for a good two hours yesterday morning and put a good sized dent in it before heading out for lunch with our friends.

The dim sum was good but we ended up eating enough to become sluggish. So when we returned back to our little mess it seemed far greater a task then we had anticipated even hours before.

Long story short we have created a large mess in our garage that will soon find its way to its respected corners of the earth, but our crawl space is now half cleaned out and we can say that it is somewhat organized.

To the point at least where we can put our christmas decorations away without too much fuss and still be able to get at the boxes we still have left to sort through.

I myself am headed back to work today for some much needed rest. As much as I have enjoyed my vacation I think I need some down time glued to my desk. Being off is a lot of fun but its also busier than anyone could expect.

Untill tomorrow….

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