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Back to the Grindstone

January 5, 2011

What a morning yesterday turned out to be. It almost ended up feeling like nothing had changed in the sense that it felt like everything was a continuation of where we left off before I went on holidays.

My oldest was up to her old tricks of trying to take things to school that she had no business taking out of the house. One of the things she decided to hide in her back pack was a slightly opened bottle of poster paint. Which proceeded to spill all over everrything in her bag. Lucky for everyone I decided to spot check the bags and found it. Otherwise her library books would have been toast. And guess who would have had to pay to replace them?


So after that fiasco ten minutes before we had to leave she decided it would be in her best interest to stay out of trouble and quickly changed her tune.

Unfortunately however in my house where one leaves off another will pick up. My middle daughter decided that she didn’t want to put her laundry away and then proceeded to tell my babysitter that much in a very rude and mouthy way. Then she threw pillows at my babysitter!

Work itself was work. Lots of catching up to do and prepaing for not only month end and quarter end but year end as well. Lots to do and that’s just fine by me. I like a job where you can go home and say you did a full days work.

Took down our tree last night. Saddest time of year for me is when our glorious tree gets packed away in its box. Ahh well it will be back in 11 months not to worry!

Anyways I should get ready to head for the salt mines. Here’s hoping today is better than yesterday!

Until tomorrow…

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