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January 7, 2011

We finally got some of the fluffy white stuff. Not that I am a big fan of commuting in it or shovelling it but I am a fan of how pretty it looks coming down and when it lays unbroken on the grass.

If it would just stay that way on the grass and stay off the roads I think I would be happy. Actually I think most people would be satisfied with that compromise.

See that’s the problem with living in a big city. As soon as one snow flake hits the ground everyone forgets how to drive. Accidents and near accidents abound. Everything slows to a crawl or even worse stops.

For people driving most times there are other routes that can be taken but for those of us who ride the pubic transit system there generally isn’t another route for us to take. We are stuck in limbo wishing we could just get off the road we are on but can’t for lack of a bus route going the way we feel is best.

Lucky for us by next winter we should be the proud owners of a vehicle by which we can take the roads less traveled and make our way home our own way.

Ahhh. It can’t come soon enough. I should be starting my In Car lessons in a week or two so I am starting to get excited about that. Only four more months to go until I can take my road test!

Kids are starting to get excited about the whole thing too as they know with wheels comes some of the adventures that Mommy here’s been talking about.

Ahh well our time is coming!

Until tomorrow…

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