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The Weekend…

January 10, 2011

Well I know I sorta maybe havent written in a couple of days, and I know that does sort of go against what I was planning for this year however. I could write two extra blog posts chronicling my weekend and back date them to appear that they were there on the days that I should have had them there however that wouldnt be fair to those that I know read this blog on a regular basis, and besides its not the honest route to take.

So now onto the reason why I havent written for a couple of days. Truth be told? I wasnt feeling so hot friday night after coming back from a semi productive writing session with my dear writer-type friends. I did manage to write almost a thousand words but in the end I am not enitrely sure that I am happy with those thousand words so I am just going to let them sit for now and see where they take me later on.

I did however have fun being a writer for an evening. It has been almost a month and a half since my last minute nano win. And I havent had the chance to write that much since then. But I am going to try and work on that a bit at a time I suppose is all I can ask from my tired brains. Nothing more than that. 🙂

Saturday I honestly didnt feel well, my stomach had been off for the few days leading up to the weekend and so I just ended up resting for most of the day Saturday. Thankfully it was a nice snowy day and it was the perfect chance to do so. Sadly though I had to cancel out on a few plans that I had made. In the end though it was for the best and I ended up feeling much better by the time evening rolled around.

Sunday morning I woke up with a grade A migraine. God I love those dang things. I have been getting them on and off since I was a teenager. Mostly they are weather or stress related. This one I think was more caffiene withdrawl more than anything else. A hot shower and a couple of tylenol and I was set to go.

We had a great afternoon wandering around our park. I swear it is the only reason I chose to live where i do. There is acres of land to walk through. There is always some sort of wild life or something to be seen. Something new to see and do. Then you toss in the adventure of being out in the “forest” , even being in the middle of downtown, and there you have it.

Ahhh two hours walk/snowball fight and by the time we got home everyone was ready for daddys homemade spaghetti!

I however need to get off. My rides coming early today, which means I get to get there early which will be nice since I have so much to get done this week. Thankfully stats will be done by the end of the week and life will go back to normal next week….

Until tomorrow…

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