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All About Me

January 12, 2011

So I got told yesterday that I need to write a hundred word bio and a three hundred word bio for myself.

My reaction? Great. Just great.

Writing about myself is simply not something I do often or very well. I mean I can chronicle my life and day to day events. But who wants to read that on the back of a book cover?

Ironically my best friend and I were just discussing this very thing just the day before. I told her point blank it wasn’t something I ended up writing very well. It always turned out either sounding half baked or over done. Either way I have yet to find that middle ground.

Her response was. That’s why you have someone else write it.

So when I got the email I popped it off to her. With the words help please written on it.

Now that that’s taken car of I have to write a hundred word pitch and a three hundred word pitch for the book.

And I have to find or take a picture of myself that I can be happy with.


Here goes nothing.

Until tomorrow….

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