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Another Weekend In Paradise…

January 17, 2011

What a whirlwind weekend. But really I shouldn’t be too surprised. Weekends like this are the norm in my world. I wait for fridays with a sense of anticipation for what the weekend will hold in store for me. Some weekends I have a good sense of a game plan. Other weekends its a fly by night thing more than anything.

This weekend included a great visit with my mother in law. That was fun because we had a chance to take her on a hike through our trails and then home for hot chocolate. She wants to come back again to see more of them as we only had time to do one set.

Sunday proved to be busy too as we had the girls birthday party. We had a great turn out. The movie was great. The kids behaved. The cake however was a flopped. It crumbled the second I cut into it. I was not impressed considering I bought it at Metro just a couple of hours before we ate it. They are supposed to be fresh obsessed but that cake got a failing grade.

Ahh well this blog is late today so I will bid you all adieu.

Until tomorrow…

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