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Wait Where’d My Weekend Go?

January 24, 2011

….oh wait there it is! Five days away… again.

Alright so I didnt get everything done I set out to do. Thats alright with me. I got most of the important things done that I had to do and I did get some of the things of lesser importance done as well.

But most of all I remembered to relax some. Thats the key to keeping on top of things. Knowing when you are at the end of your steam and stopping to take a break. Otherwise you end up feeling overwhelmed.

I have the habit of not stopping. I keep thinking one more thing. Just one more thing. Then I dont always end up resting or relaxing and that turns onto frustration and resentment.

Then I have this issue with everything I have accomplished getting undone by my beloved family. Its a never ending cycle here. I get one thing done and tidy and the next time I look its back to the way that it is. And let me tell you in our house there are just too many places to try and keep track of on my own. Some days it just doesn’t feel like I’m getting the support from the rest of them that I need to keep the house tidy. And its frustrating.

Ahh well I best better finish getting ready for work. I have a study date again after work as I didnt get there yesterday. Back to the grindstone I go…

Until tomorrow…

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