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Mornings Come Fast…

January 26, 2011

…In My World…

There never seems to be enough time for sleep. Mind you I have always been one that once I get to sleep I love it. But then there are moments where I fall asleep and I find myself mad at myself for falling asleep because I know there are things that I need to be doing but my body is saying no you have to rest.

Its a never ending cycle. Not enough time for everything so something has to give and usually its me that has to give until my body says knock it off already.

I ended up taking the night off school work. I needed the break I think. I know it sounds stupid but I think in the end if I alternate days and get it done that way I will be alright. I did get some work done on a sleeved poncho for myself. It is looking very nice. Not sure about it being white and all but it does look nice.

Ah Well. Off to work. Study session tonight. Chili is made for dinner. All is well in my world.

Until tomorrow…

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