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Guilty Pleasures

February 3, 2011

We all have them. I got my fill of mine today. I will pay for it later and I am alright with that.

The snow wasn’t enough for me not to go into work. As much as I didn’t want to go in I sucked it up and went. We were treated to a nice lunch of Mr. Greek courtesy of our bosses and as we sat in the boardroom eating we watched as mother nature geared back up once more.

The general consensus was it was time to head home. So with our company owners blessing we started for home with a promise to payback the time. My manager gave me a ride home and I had the joys of sneaking up on my daughters who were naturally out playing in the snow and pelting them with snowballs.

An hour in the snow and I was back to myself again. My big girl headed off to her friends house and I went off on a hike to Timmies with my little ones. On our way I asked them what the best part of their Snow day was (thinking it was the hot chocolate supremes that would get top billing) my middle daughter replied “you coming home early momma” and my little one says “I wished and wished to god that you would come home fast and my wish came true”. Nice to know that I’m still better than hot chocolate.

We wandered around in our park hiking through back trails for a bit before heading home.

A hot bubble bath for the girls and video game time together rounded out the evening.

I owe my bosses three hours. I would gladly give them nine in return for one afternoon just playing with the girls.

I know I have to go to work today and I’m ok with that. My heart is happy and so are my kids.

Until tomorrow…

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