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Here We Go Again…

February 7, 2011

And were off! Its monday morning and life is fine. I did end up getting almost everything done on my list of things to do. I still have yet to clean out the kitchen cupboards however one thing I have learned in my years as a housewife and mother is that as long as I leave something on my list of things to do it will eventually get done.

Finally finished the unit I started friday night finished and exam completed and I poke around a bit at the next unit in line. I am going to be honest with you Stocks and Bond are really not my thing but these people seem to think that I need to learn about them. BLAH! *grumble* Dont worry I did get the unit part done about short term stocks and bonds and I will eventually get the one I am starting on with long term stocks and bonds done as well. Best thing to do is just to dive on into it and get it done. Sooner its done the better I have to say.

I havent gotten any writing done but that is not overly surprising as I dont seem to have a whole lot to say as far as that goes at the moment. I am not sure if I am going to end up entering the Toronto Stars short story writing contest this year as i dont know if i am going to be able to find any words to put into it. Nothing at all seems to be striking my fancy. Everything I have written thus far has been shite. Definately not something befitting of me. Ah well I still have sometime to work on it.

Anywho i should be off there is more numbers to crunch at work and the bus is calling me!

Until tomorrow…

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