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Ok so I’m late again

February 15, 2011

I am starting to get really good at this whole being late thing. No I’m not loosing my touch just not having the energy to get up and run with it.

Lots of busy in my world doesn’t help much in the energy category either.

Had to take the younger kids to see the eye guy last night (yes on valentines day) for their six month follow up. The end result my middle daughter has a spiffy new pair of glasses. (Yes I said spiffy) she looks uber cute in them. She wasn’t too happy about the whole thing. She doesn’t want to be laughed at or made fun of. I can’t say as I blame her there but it is just what has to be done to help her see better which I hope will help with some of the other issues we are having. Time will tell as she adjusts to them.

Other than that I am off to the place where I got my smile back. Yep going to see the worlds greatest dentist. (Well I think she’s the best anyways).

I did get the first chapter edits last night as well. Looking good there and the cover is coming along nicely in my opinion.

Aside from that there’s not much else new in my world. So I’d best be off. Almost at the Timmies before I hit the subway.

Until tomorrow…

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