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February 16, 2011

So when it rains it pours in my house. I called in sick to go visit the dentist yesterday. I was a bit sick. But by the time I went to bed I was totally not feeling so hot. So today I have a plugged nose on one side and a slightly sore throat (which I think is because of my breathing through my mouth when I slept).

Then while at the dentist I find out what my bill for the needed restoration work and cleaning is going to be. Try about four grand. Let this be a lesson to you out there who don’t go to the dentist regularly. You don’t want to pay for the aftermath. I figure by the time all is said and done 25 grand will have gone into my mouth. Totally worth it but still far too much.

Oh and top it all off? My eldest got curious last night and lost a tiny piece off my slow cooker. Argh! Then she tried to lie about it. Which only serves to dig the hole deeper.

Sigh hopefully today will be a better day. Have a parent teacher interview tonight for my eldest and a meeting at the school for planning of the schools outdoor classroom which the girls want me to be a part of.

Then home to sleep I think. Almost at work so…

Until tomorrow…

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