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How Not to Make Friends With My Husband 101

February 24, 2011

Or with me for that matter. Now please bear in mind as off the wall as this may seem all of the following events did actually happen and happened in less than two minutes.

Hubby and I were talking on the phone as always on the bus on his way home. When his bus turned onto the other end of our street we hung up because I had garbage to take out and he was only a few minutes away.

So I put the garbage out and see the bus so I start headed towards my neighbours driveway where I usually wait for hubby to cross the road. Then I see the bus stop a second time and didn’t think anything of it until I heard the yelling. I stepped out further in time to see my hubby come flying across the road at a full run. Still didbt think anything of it until he didn’t stop when he hit the entrance to the complex and was still running flat out.

That was when I saw the giant ( the guy must have been six foot five easy) on his heels.

Hubby flew by me saying I got to lose this guy and kept going. Hubby yelled at the guy who has picked up speed to gain some ground to leave him alone or he was calling the cops. That’s when I stepped in (fool that I am) and said no I’m calling the cops.

The guy is like no no in a thick accent that could have been russian or serbian. But keeps following my hubby back towards me. I’m like get the hell away from him (yes I used other profanity that isn’t appropriate for this blog).

So hubby and I get into the house and lock the door and just stand there staring at each other. Until we heard him yelling in the street so we called the cops. They never showed.

We still, after an evening trying to sort through it, don’t know why he follow my hubby. Hubby was not rude or anything when the guy tried to make small talk with him after he had hung up the phone with me.

All we know is the guy was acting a bit strange on the bus and was drinking a brownish coloured liquid from a bottle and after making small talk on the bus with my hubby decided that although hubby was finished talking to him he wasn’t done with my hubby.

I asked my hubby as he left for work this morning not to bring any playmates home tonight. I’ve had enough excitement for one week.

Unitil tomorrow…

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