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March 1, 2011

Life seems to be rolling at a good pace in my world. Everything is getting done around the house as needed. The only thing lacking at the moment is my school work which once again seems to be taking a back seat to the rest of my world. I can’t seem to focus in to get things done. I really need to buckle down at this point. Otherwise its all been for naught.

In other news I have been thinking about this idea for a while now on and off. I have gotten pretty good at blogging on a regular basis about my personal struggles and triumphs as a working mother of three monsters but lately I have been seriously thinking about creating a blog dedicated to recipes, crafts and product/service reviews all geared towards working families.

So many times people have looked at me and said how do you do it. I think in the interest of fairness I should share my secrets with others. What do you think faithful readers? Would you like to see a blog dedicated to my secret to staying on top of life? My super easy -yet yummy- recipes that are healthy and kids go for?

Anyways I’m almost to the office now I shall bid you all adieu!

Until tomorrow…

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  1. barbara permalink
    March 1, 2011 10:51 am

    I say “GO FOR IT”

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