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March 2, 2011

Its amazing how a few short hours can change your whole outlook on things. I was doing fine until I hit the office and there I got asked to take on a fair sized challenge. Normally that wouldn’t bother me too much but one of the people in our department is headed away for a few weeks which means were already short handed. So more work and less time to do it. Well less man hours to do it. I will do it but its just going to be a heap on my shoulders.

Then I hear from my dear hubby at lunch and find out their piling his plate high with stuff too. He’s just as stressed as I am.

Then he works overtime last night so I had to borrow one of my friends teenagers to babysit the kids because I have to get out of the house to study. As I can’t seem to focus in house for whatever reason.

Then I had to call my graphic designer buddy to see about the cover as I know he was working on some new stuff for me and my publisher was chomping at the bit to see the latest.

Then I read over the email my editor sends to my publisher regarding the chapter three edits. A mess. That is what he called the chapter. I know I’m not the best but I honestly felt a whole range of emotions all centering around guilt and embarrassment.


On a good note I got the piece for my slow cooker in the mail yesterday.

So that was my day. Surely today HAS to be better.

Until tomorrow….

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