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Almost there…

March 3, 2011

This week has all but flown by with the work days sailing along. I hardly know that the day has begun and its already over again. I feel as though I’m not getting anywhere with things even though I am. It just doesn’t seem to be enough accomplished to my mind. Even if the rest of my world sees me as super mom.

I honestly don’t know how in the heck everyone sees what I don’t. I just do what I have to do to keep the house running. And even then I wonder if I am doing enough.

Crap! I forgot the kids money for their presentation again.

(Yes I literally just remembered)

This is what I mean. I remember things at all the wrong times. I’m sitting on the bus on the way to work and this is when my mind remembers about the money. When I am no where near my kids.

Gah! At least the weeks almost over.

Church class tonight and piano tomorrow. Then running around saturday and piano competition sunday. And back to the grind again on monday.

Sigh. So goes my world.

Until tomorrow..

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