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Eight years ago…

March 8, 2011

At four o’clock in the afternoon there was a knock at my door. My blind date had arrived. He showed up with a rose, a bottle of wine to have with the dinner I had made and a goofy grin.

A goofy grin that I will get to spend the rest of my life enjoying.

Never in a million heartbeats did I think that, that date was going to be my last first date.

Now I get the joys of waking up and seeing his smiling face. And snuggling into his arms after a long day.

The love we have is like a childs favorite blanket. Warm, fuzzy and comforting. Without it we’re cold and miserable. Nothing quite like that feeling of happiness when we are together.

He is my world. My everything.

And no matter what stands in our way we will face the world together.
On that happy note I must hit the office….

Until tomorrow…

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