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Ahhhh Wenesday!

March 9, 2011

Well I am currently blogging from the comfort of my living room this fine winter morning. I am not going to work today. I am taking me and my rugrats to the dentist. And it might be a crummy excuse for a day off but I will take it. Truth be told I like my dentist. Only thing I DONT like is that shes not there fridays to sundays. That means its a Monday to Thursday appointment when we go see her.

Which maybe is a good thing too. Any day off is a good one. And any day that I get to spend with the girls is a good one too. Lots of bonuses with this situation. Only bad part is that my coworker leaves for India tomorrow and I wont get a chance to wish her well in person.

Ahhh well. Such is life. I guess I should stop playing Angry Birds and go get dressed and get ready were leaving in an hour or so. Should probably wake up my oldest two… my little ones been here playing angry birds with me for the last half hour or so.

Ooop here comes the big ones. Guess thats one thing I dont have to do now! HA!

Until tomorrow…

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