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Dentist Day!

March 10, 2011

So we invaded the dentists yesterday. And we filled every chair in the house for a couple of hours. Our dentist is awesome. She totally made it so easy for the girls. They could move between the rooms and check on each other. They got to gab their heads off to her and watch some of the work get done on my mouth. They could ask every question under the sun and she’d answer them. She filled them with praise at how beautiful their smiles were and how good a job they had been doing. They actually had fun. At the dentist! Who knew 🙂

Best part is the report – No cavities! And they behaved while they were there. No tears. No fears. Everything went smoothly.

Have to get a couple of different xrays done for one due to crowding and one who has two stubborn teeth that refuse to come in (only a dentist would ever see it. No one else will notice.) One tooth needs sealant to prevent a groove from becoming a cavity. But that’s all she wrote.

Afterwards we took my Gran out for a bite to eat, which was a high point for everyone, then home again and back to routine.

And that means back to the grind for me. My dear coworkers off to -ndia and Hopes first confession is tonight so I’ll be late getting in. But otherwise normal spin on the world today!

Until tomorrow…

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