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March Break: Day Three

March 16, 2011

So here we are another day another dollar.

Kids had another stellar day. Great behavior all around topped only by the fish and chips I brought home for dinner last night.

The weather was fine and Daddy got home at a reasonable time. Life was beautiful.

Today however is dark, foggy, rainy and just blah. Its not helping my mood any.

On a day like today with the kids home there is no place I’d rather be then there. Snugglin with my cuddle bugs.

Truth be told I hate my job and I told my boss as much yesterday in my annual review. Its not the work – I like that part. Enough to keep me busy and on my toes. Its not the people – I work with and for good people. Heck even the moneys not bad. The part I hate is that it takes me away from the kids for more time then I would like it to.

And its days like today where I hate it the most. I’d like nothing more than to get on the next bus home and go back to the kids and vegetate on the couch with them. Rainy days are perfect for that.

Sadly however I shall have to wait until my next day off to manage that one.

One day however I will be able to say good bye to my job as a cubicle zombie and spend the time I want to spend with the people who matter most.

Speaking of my cubicle. I’m almost there so I will tip my hat to all you out there who suffer as work-a-day zombies, cubicle or otherwise and wish you the best of days.

Until tomorrow…

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