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I Survived!

March 21, 2011

I did it!

I survived yet another hairy weekend in my house. Never a dull moment in my life I swear it.

Friday went off no where near what I planned. It was my big girls birthday and I was supposed to go home after work to do all my chores for the weekend on friday night. Then when they got home from piano we were supposed to have cake.

In the end I came close to the original plan. Sort of. I had been working away when I get a call from my neighbour. She’s found the kittens that our stray cat has had. So I’m suddenly finding myself out the door and running. Within an hour we find ourselves with our dear Scruffy and her two kittens. So were off to the vets only to find out their closed. Back home in time to greet my kids walking up the front. They of course were delighted to see the kittens. My big girl named the kittens Alex and Crystal in honor of them being born on her birthday. We still got the cake on time but sadly very little else got done.

Saturday we were off to the races. Up to costco for a few things needed for the birthday party and then home for an hour to rest before taking off to the vets. And then home again long enough to sort my smaller two and husband out and get them out the door to their movie. A short while later me and my big girl took off to the mall to kill some time before her party.

Boston pizza and then Mars Needs Moms in 3D. Home again for those who were still with me to finish off the cake from the night before. It was midnight before the last little girl left. I was beat but still had one birthday duty left to run with. See one of her girlfriends was supposed to spend the night but she had been battling a bad cough all week and wasn’t going to be able to stay. So rather than see my baby hurting I slept over in her friends place. My big girl was happy and the sore back and dead arm was worth the price.

Sunday was off to the races. Cinnamon buns for breakfast, a quick shower and I was out the door once more grocery shopping. Back home again to whip the house into shape for a visit from my my dear mother in law. Then back out again because I had forgotten to buy bus passes.

My weekend didn’t stop for anything it just kept running on and sweeping me away in its rip tide of adventure and things to do.

Hopefully I will get some rest this week because this weekend is going to be another one of those crazy weekends.

And I’m almost at the office.

Until tomorrow…

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