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Snowing Again…

March 23, 2011

So here we go again with the white stuff. I honestly think most of us thought we were done for the year. I know everyone in my happy home were ready to lose some of the heavy gear and start getting back into wearing less. I know my washer and dryer certainly could use the break.

The laundry factory in my house has been working over time and truth be told I’m totally getting sick of the mountain every day. And if I don’t wash something everyday it only gets worse.


You know I always wondered why my mother did laundry every day. Now I completely understand.


Ahh well such is life of mothers and wives!

Finished up an online interview about my book(my first!) for a blog and online magazine called “The Dabbling Mum”. I am very excited as its the first real promotion I’ve done for my book but rest assured there will be many more to come!

(If any of you out there have any blogs or reviewers you would like to see me talk to feel free to drop me a line and I will do my best to contact them!)

Other than that its business as usual in my world!

Until tomorrow…

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