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March 24, 2011

Yes I just titled my blog after a George Michaels song.

Yes the song is currently running amok in my head.

Yes I have my cousin in law to blame, but I love her to bits and that makes it alright.

So the week is sailing by as always. Never at a stand still. Kids are being great this week (knock on wood) and it is shaping up to be a pretty good weekend. All of my weekend chores are getting done in short order. Work is as always –lots to keep me busy. Bills are paid up. House is clean. Covers been signed off on for my book. Kittens and mum are doing great. Everyone in my world is healty and happy for the moment.

And I have faith that for once everything is going to go as planned. That some day real soon the tides are going to change and swing into our favor. But for now ill settle for a holding pattern and go with what I have.

And today? Its another day another dollar. No fifty cents today. The sun is shining and life is fine.

Until tomorrow…

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