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Round Two!

March 29, 2011

So here I am sitting and blogging from the comfort of my living room once again. No I am not playing hookey or staying home from work but rather I was up early today and as a result I have everything done that need be done and can blog in peace without having to worry about juggling my blackberry and coffee while smooshed into a small confined seat on the bus.

It is a nice feeling to let my fingers fly along the keys for a change instead of having to use micro keys. Which are great in a pinch but I still love my laptop 🙂

The reason for my being up early? Our kittens as we suspected have an eye infection and to fix that we have to clean out their eyes with a wet face cloth and administer drops. This has to be done three times a day. No problem, except in my neighbour and my world this is hard. We both have busy mornings, and have people to make sure that are fed and out the door or fed and ready for their day while still making sure that we get ourselves out the door on time. Thankfully it is going to only have to be for a few days and thats it. I dont think either of us could do it long haul. Just a wee bit more than we can add to our lives but this is who we are and we do what we must.

The good news is the kittens eyes are open and they are healthy so far as we can tell.

The girls are happy about this as they were a bit worried about the kittens. Soft hearts just like their mom. Raised them right I did.

Other than that I did manage to get most of the things on my list accomplished last night. Load of laundry, baked two loaves of banana bread, prepped dinner for tonight, cut Scott’s hair and squeezed in a trip to the nail salon.

Tonight I have to do the kitty litter, pig cage, bake 2 dozen muffins, and another load or two of laundry. And prep dinner of course. Plus kitten duty, mom duty and try and sneak in some studying.

And then get up and do it all over again…

Ahh well out the door to work soon.

Until tomorrow…

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