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April 5, 2011

That word can mean a lot of different things for many people. It can be a life preserver in the middle of an ocean. It can be the beginning of new life. It is the basis for true love. It never deceives or hurts. It supports and repairs. It is the wind beneath our wings. True friendship is timeless. It could be a moment or half a life time pass and it will remain.

I am blessed with this knowledge as I am blessed with many friends. Some are related by blood and some are not but the core is the same. It is that warm fuzzy content feeling when you are with them. The smile that’s in your heart when you think of them. The excitement of seeing them.

To all my friends and loved ones thanks for being a part of my life!

Until tomorrow…

(PS no there’s no particular reason for this blog. Just felt like being sappy today 🙂 hope it made you smile)

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