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Like Most Happy Times In My Life

April 11, 2011

I blink and the dammed thing is over.

The weekend went by in a flurry of activities.

Friday night I managed to get everything done that needed to get done before I picked up my best buddy down at the train station. It was great seeing her. We ended up missing a our subway stop by a few stops and had to back track due to long overdue gabbing. Made it home shortly before midnight. And stayed up watching movies until 2 am.

The next morning unknown to my dear daughters their aunty was asleep downstairs. So when the pulled their usual bickering imagine their surprise at having their aunt come up the stairs to break it up. I only wish I could have seen the looks on their faces!

We headed off to rehearsal and then spent a good chunk of the afternoon shopping at square one before home to indulge in a huge feast of Pizza Hut. (We still have leftovers to eat up lol) another movie night topped off the evening.

Sunday went off without a hitch everyone was beautiful and decidedly well behaved. My middle daughter made her first communion with the people who love her watching on.

The hardest part was putting her back on the train. The weekend was a tease for us. A reminder of days gone by. Its no longer I will see u next weekend or the week after but rather now its ill see you in a couple of months. Not an easy thing to be sure. I had one last coffee with her before I sent her home thanks to my uncle who drove us down to the train station.

Thank you to everyone who made this weekend wonderful. I had a blast. Now for me its back to the grind like it never happened.

Until tomorrow…

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