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Two Days!

April 13, 2011

Do you think I should pack yet? Ha! Not that I have too much to pack but still I think I should start soonish.

I am thinking this weekend is going to be my reset button of sorts. It is going to be the point where I put my head and body back in line. It will be the rest my body needs and the mental break my head needs to clear.
At this point I can’t seem to settle down at all. I can’t fall asleep like I used to and my sleep is restless at best.

I need this.

I know like most things in my world it will be over before I know it and it will be back to the grind. But it will be worth it.

Today is going to be decent at work. It won’t be as chaotic as it has been. And the rest of will fly by as always.

Now if my back would just stop aching we would be all set.

Until tomorrow…

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