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The Perfect Weekend

April 25, 2011

Well my blog writing hiatus is over. In my defense I did write one on wednesday and somehow it vanished. And I started one on thursday and I got a phone call and didn’t end up finishing it.

So here I am with the condensed versions.

Went off to the dentist with the hubby after popping into the school to remind them of their duties to ensure that the “Zero Tollerance Against Bullying” was adhered to. About the only good thing that came out of that meeting was my husband finally got to see the laid back attitude I’ve had to deal with over the whole thing.

Then after the dentist we went and took my grams out for lunch and then popped in on my aunt and uncle.
After having been off for a day it wasn’t a happy thing going back to work but we survived. I did manage to get some studying in that night but sadly I don’t think my heart was in it.

JAMMIE DAY! Twas a great gloomy day for lounging about watching movies and doing crafts. Hubby ended up most of the day sick in bed so it was me and my girls chillin and spending time together. Two of them baked cookies on their own together. They turned out perfectly. Pizza rounded out the day perfectly.

Hubby was feeling much better so we had a really nice day together. I started work on cleaning out my back yard. Its so exciting seeing everything starting to come up. The girls helped with the clean up after they baked yet another batch of cookies. We went for a long walk together after lunch. Wen to the coffee shop and then the grocery store and hit the park on the way home. The girls bought me some beautiful flowers for easter. Dads spaghetti dinner topped off a beautiful sunny day!

Controlled (well semi controlled) Chaos ruled in my world as the girls chased after 104 regular eggs and 18 special eggs. I was aching from the gardening the day before but otherwise it was another beautiful day!

Now its back to the grind for the working class. And I’m standing at the lights waiting for it to change.

Until tomorrow…

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