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Idiots On a Stick

April 27, 2011

It never ceases to amaze me how very unprepared and disorganized my daughters school is. Well the administrators anyways. The educators are great, hence why my daughters are still there after everything.

We all know how wonderful they are with dealing with the bullying issues that plague my eldest. So how do they handle a question regarding a flood?

Put it this way I got the same laid back attitude.

See a good sized creek boarders the school and this creek had flooded more than once. The last time it did so it actually surrounded the school and moved the dumpster across the parking lot. The creek is at most 250 feet away from the school.

As a concerned parent I called to see what was happening as the weather we had yesterday was perfect for flooding. I was curious as to their contingency plan should a flash flood occur. The head secretary took an hour almost to get back to me to say oh no the creeks not too bad. Were using a tree to judge it by. But thank you for bringing it to our attention. Have a great day.

Now would that put your mind at ease?

Not surprisingly it didn’t make me feel too good. I can understand that maybe the creek wasn’t overly swollen at that point and that’s fine But to sound like they have not been watching at all? Even with the past history? Not overly reassuring.

Almost to work. Meetings today so it will be interesting.

Until tomorrow…

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