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Mid Weekend Post

April 30, 2011

I normally dont blog on the weekends as I always seem to find myself with not a lot of time on my hands for sitting down at the computer and when I do find myself here I am generally playing some sort of game or chatting with friends. Tonight however I feel like writing to those of you who are out there reading this.

I have had one awesome day. It all started last night when a good friend of mine dropped her two and a half year old daughter off at my house for the night. As you know folks my youngest is seven now and believe me when I say it has been a long time since I have had a toddler in the house. But if I had to have any toddler in the house that wasnt mine for more than a few hours then I can assure you that this would be the little one that I would want to have here.

She was a perfect angel. Went down last night quick and easy and the was a dream to wake up to at 730. My girls got their first taste of babysitting this weekend and it was amazing just how much they wanted to help. They cooked for the little one and played with her and they even watched Dora with her. We took her to the park this afternoon for an hour and she just had a whale of a good time chasing after her friends. After a nap she was back at it again out chasing after what I lovingly call the neighborhood biker gang. We must have had twenty kids riding up and down our street on bikes at one point in time. No crashes thank god!

She was having such a great time when Mommy came to get her she didnt want to go home! Ahh well at least I know she had a good time and that she feels comfortable her with us.

Meanwhile in and around all of this I managed to finally start up the new blog I was talking about starting about a month ago (for the record I was up until two am Saturday morning putting it together) and I managed to put together my store front on to sell some handmade crochet accessories among other things. Oh! And we managed to get rid of some of the electronics in our garage today too. Well my darling husband and our friend who has a large truck did anyway. I only gathered it.

Then after dinner I took the girls on a decently long bike ride with our friends from across the road. It was a beautiful day and nice evening. I am hoping tomorrow turns out to be as beautiful as today was however I think it is going to rain.

So here I sit at almost midnight, running on five and a half hours sleep trying to study and it just isnt happening at this point. Maybe once I finish up this post I might be able to read a chapter or so before I fall asleep. Who knows.

So I am going to bid you good night and leave you with the links to both my shop and the new blog.

Until Tomorrow…
The AlleyCats Meow

Bliss Filled Chaos

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