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News of My Sudden Demise…

May 6, 2011

…were over exaggerated.

But I have been out of commission for the last two days with a good reason. I have been plagued by the ever so lovely streptococcus virus. Yes sir. It was a nasty little beast of a thing. Raging fever, chills, sore and swollen throat, oh and not to mention the lovely rash I ended up with. Scarlet fever. FUN!


So this morning after hot shower and a long brushing of the teeth, clean clothes and 100 strokes of my brush through my hair, a cup of coffee was enough to make me feel almost human again.

Yesterday i think was the turning point for me. I have been having the same issues with the school day in and day out. Another episode with the darling school bully and another laid back attitude from the principal. The guy is a total buffoon. I dont think he knows what the heck he is doing.

See heres what went down yesterday. Please note all names have been avoided to protect the kids involved.

My daughter was hanging out in the school yard when the bully shot her a dirty look so she ran screaming to her best friend. The bully of course had to chase after her. So when my daughter got to her friend the friend looks at the bully and says Why are you bothering us. The bullys response? To put her fist in my daughters friends face and say something involving the f-word. The two girls took off to the principals office. The principals response? The my daughter and her friends reactions werent the best way to handle the situation and may have made it worse.

Ok granted maybe my daughter over reacted by yelling and screaming but she sure as heck did not deserve to be chased like that and her friend didnt do anything that the rest of us on the planet wouldnt have done. So I am not sure where in heaven on earth the man gets off telling me that the two girls did anything that warranted what they got.

So when the principal called i swallowed back the pain and told him off. The adrenaline I think is what set things straight with my body and got things back on track.

My daughters best friends mom is now at the school discussing things with the principal. Heres hoping that she will be able to set him straight about this bully. If not the two of us are headed to the board. Enough is enough. All they seem to want to do at that school is “talk”. There is no action. No real consequence for these children. They can do as they please and nothing comes of it.

In my day and age if there was a bully picking on kids they got their butts turfed to the road and were told not to come back to school for a few days. They didnt “talk” about ow they could have better handled the situation or try to place any of the blame on victims. They suspended the kid and then moved on. Everything was cut and dried. Now its all talk and talk is cheap.

Alright. Im done my rambling. Going to go see about maybe setting my house in order again. Its been a hell of a week and I am so glad its over.

Until tomorrow…

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