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Perfect End To A Hellish Week

May 9, 2011

So as you know my week was hell last week. No mincing words about it. Everything got turned around and nothing went right. Physically or mentally.

Yesterday made it all better again. I had to get up early for driving school so imagine how impressed I was when they all got up ahead of me and made me breakfast and got me a Tims coffee! That in itself was great. The beautiful cards and a day trip to a spa just added to the great start.

Good second day at driving school.

Then the gang picked me up for some geocaching at the lake. Just under three hours later we had walked a ridiculous distance and decided to hop back on the bus back to the harbor for something to eat.

A nice dinner at a restaurant right on the pier that I had been wanting to try and then ice creams along the boardwalk before headed home as the sun started to dip towards the horizon.

Today its back to normal for me. Kids are home for a PA Day. Otherwise life rolls onwards.

Until tomorrow…

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