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Life Rolls On …

May 10, 2011

So I survived my first day back to work. It wasn’t as bad as I would have thought after having been off for so long. My coworkers were great about making sure that things that I had to do got done in my absence.

The kids were home so they I think missed not having me there to hang out with but they made do with what they had until I made it home.

Other than that I’m feeling much better than I have in a week. I’m still weak and lacking appetite but its all coming back on bit at a time.

I did get some good news last night. My new editor has the first three chapters of the book. So I should know in a few days how that’s going. I’m so very excited to see how this plays out. Its been on hold for so long after the last editor quit that I’ve been on edge worrying that things won’t go anywhere.

Ahh well. I should know better than to worry so far in advance.

So back to the grind for me.

Until tomorrow…

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