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Uranium vs Solar Power

May 11, 2011

So I had to teach my daughter a few things last night about how to research a project properly. She has this project that’s due tomorrow on renewable and nonrenewable resources.

She showed me her project for school after she had typed it up and I look at it and went uh oh. She had written about a half a page of stuff all spaced out and barely any of it answered the questions that were asked.

So we went over it paragraph by paragraph and asked the questions she had to answer. When she realized it didn’t fit. We went back to the website she had used and did the research again. Asking the questions and answering them in point form and then rewording the points to fit.

I figured out what she had done. She had taken her information from the side columns instead of the main article and she had skim read the article itself.

I went over most of it with her and explained why some changes were needed. She’s got a bunch of work still to do on it but its a far cry from the project she showed me last night. I think it will turn out fine.

And the skills I taught her last night will be the ones she will need for the rest of her school career. Here’s hoping she paid attention.

Until tomorrow…

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