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May 12, 2011

Some days I wonder just how worth it it is to keep fighting. You win some battle but you have to sit there and wonder if you are winning the war.

That is how I feel when it comes to the issues I am having with the school. Everyday I seem to go over the same hells half acre with them and every day I get placated and the niceties tossed in my general direction. Like scraps of meat thrown at a hungry stray. Never does it change the status of how things go. Never do I walk away with the feeling that something is going to change for the better. Never do I walk away with something I can tell the kids that the school is doing on their behalf to make it better for them.

The school knows the bully is a problem. I have learned that, through the grapevine albeit, the teachers themselves are having a problem with the kid. But yet they do nothing for my children.

It is the end of the school year again and here we sit not much better off then we did last year. Only difference is this year my daughter graduates. But so does the bully. The school gets rid of their problem at the end of june so what do they care anymore. My daughter still has to cope with it as she enters into middle school.

Where’s the justice in all of this?

Until tomorrow…

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