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Tuesday Again and Back To The Grind

May 17, 2011

So yes as you can tell from the lack of a blog yesterday I didn’t go to work. I had the day off because my oldest had her piano exam in the afternoon. So I enjoyed a long weekend ahead of the Victoria Day weekend this coming weekend. I can’t say as though I didn’t enjoy it.

Saturday it was up early for driving school. And it was raining by the time I got out. That however didn’t deter me from enjoying a quiet house as all the kids were out at piano lessons. I spent two hours outside gardening in the light rain and managed to get most of the gardening done. All the plants I bought when I was out friday night are safely tucked into their beds and being watered by mother nature.

Sunday it was up again for the last day of my inclass lessons. It proved to be a great day. 93% was my final mark. Now I just have to wait until next month for the in car lessons. Then it was grocery shopping and a lovely predinner nap.

Yesterday was full of good old R & R. Walked the kids to school. Had a coffee with one of my friends. Came home and puttered in the garden for a bit then headed out for lunch with a friend of mine for her birthday. Then off to the dreaded exam which wasn’t as bad as she had thought. Home for dinner which my husband miraculously made it home for before we headed out for cake and RockBand.

So its back to the grind for me. Four days of work before I get to rest again. I think ill be ok.

Until tomorrow..

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