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Rain, Rain Go Away

May 18, 2011

So its been raining since friday. Everyone is ready for the sun. Even me. The pressure the storm is putting on my head is too much and I woke up this morning with the feeling like my head was in a vice grip.
The day went decent at work yesterday. Lots to be done but sadly its more than one person can do in the time that they want it done by. It has to be done so I shall keep pluging along.

Been working on an amigarumi grad bear for my oldest who graduates grade five this year. Sadly I snapped my only 4mm hook last night too. Going to have to get a new one stat as its hard to work with half a hook.

So I’m now stuck standing in a bus shelter. My jeans r soaked in places. Its damp and cold and I’m miserable. My first bus was late and packed for some reason and as a result I missed the second bus. Ugh.

Rain please go away now.

Until tomorrow…

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