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Family, Friends, Flowers, Food and Out With A Bang

May 24, 2011

So this weekend was as they say made of awesome! Despite the gloomy out look it barely rained on our parade at all and we spent the vast majority of it outside. The girls ran the street all day with their friends and came in coated in dirt and chalk dust.

I surprised my friend by planting her garden for her saturday morning and then cleaned out my garage in the afternoon. After my husband came home (he had to work all day) the kids went off to a party and we had a nice dinner out together.

Sunday the kids played some more and I ran errands. I also found some cool stuff to help make my lawn less bald. (Doing a product review of it next weekend in my other blog) We ended up with my oldest daughters best buddy over for the night too which as always was fun.

Yesterday was all about relaxing and enjoying. We kicked around doing nothing in particular and ended up just having a good time overall. We finished the night with a bang with what turned out to be an hour long fireworks show with our friends and then home to bed and reality this morning.

Its the weekend that go like this that make me so sad to see them end. But I suppose we wouldn’t enjoy them as much if they always went this well.

Back to the grind for me.

Until tomorrow…

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