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Thank God Its Friday

May 27, 2011

Never have I wished for a work week to end as much as I have this week. It has been a brutal punishment that I can honestly say hasn’t been deserved.

Yesterday was a bad day and by noon I wanted to head for home and curl up on my couch and forget the day existed. Sadly however I didn’t make it to my couch until just about 11. Long hard day.

I did get to see a bit of my eldest daughters new school. It seems like its going to be a good school for her to be in. Lots of extra curricular activities for her to play in.

Today is going to be rough on the girls tho. Its their last day with their piano teacher as she is leaving the school due to financial reasons. The wonderful lady can’t afford to live on the salary she’s getting so she’s leaving the school. It was a hard blow to the girls and its a rough moment for us as parents. However there is a bright light at the end of this. Miss S is going to teach privately. She wants to keep teaching our girls. And without a doubt in my mind I will hire her. Four years of investment into the girls is too much to give up. The catch is this. She isn’t supposed to teach conservatory students for a year after she leaves. I don’t think that’s fair however considering the bond that has been created. So I can’t tell the girls yet as they have committed to the summer competition in early july and have to stick it out with a new teacher until then. After that however we will quietly bow out and go private. The good news is that with Miss S at the helm she will gear their lessons towards their musical passions not to any given lesson plan. And the other instruments they are interested in she will help them to learn. That and she will get more than a half hour with them every week. All around I think it is going to be perfect for the kids. In the end they will be happy but for the moment I have to break their hearts and its killing me that I can’t be completely honest with them. Sigh. Being a parent stinks sometimes ya know?

Oh well we shall deal with things as they come and do the best that we can.

Until tomorrow…

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