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A Pack of Fools

June 1, 2011

That is what I get with my kids school administrative staff. Simple logic defies them.

Yesterday I get a call late afternoon from my middle daughter. She’s feeling like crap. (Aside from the sniffles running through our house was fine when she left). She said it was after they did their morning exercises in the gym where the trouble started. Told her it was almost home time and to hang in there. Not fifteen minutes later I get a call from my youngest daughters teacher. She over heated after being outside for lunch recess and as a result is feeling like crap.

Please note folks that the temperatures hit around 30C and with the humidex it hit around 40. We were under heat and humidity advisories. Which in basic terms means avoid the heat. Seinors, pets and children are to be kept inside and checked on. No over exertion. You get the point.

So if this is going on can some one tell me why in the hell the school would send kids outside for 40 minutes in the heat of the day? Especially knowing that there is no air conditioning in the school to cool them off afterwards.

Then my middle daughters teacher has written a note in her agenda saying she thinks she has a fever. What the hell?? Does common sense not come to these people naturally? At least my youngest daughters teacher had the presence of mind to keep her in last recess.

Oh and did I mention the fact that the principal called me too. Why? To touch base and see how things were going.


Where the heck was he the rest of the school year? Knowing how bad it was back in September why wasn’t he checking before now? Is it because I made him feel about two inches tall so now he thinks with the school year ending that he’s going to make it all better by “touching base”?

So many times people have asked me why I am not changing the kids over to the catholic school down the road. And my only answer is sometimes its better the devil you know. Otherwise I’m starting to have no other reasons to keep them there.

Sigh. Another day another fifty cents.

Until tomorrow…

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