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Shake Rattle N Roll

June 7, 2011

Yesterday turned out to be a wonderful day. Work went by in a breeze. Was able to spend a half an hour with the hubby at lunch. The first batch of edits came in for my book in the mail despite the hoopla over a mail strike.

Came home and everybody was behaving and in good spirits. Spent some good quality time mucking around in my garden while the girls played in the park. A friend came over with her kids and there was much rejoicing from my three. Slightly late bedtime was well received.

A pizza and movie on the couch with the hubby rounded out the perfect day.

The only thing that could have made it better was a nights sleep that wasn’t broken by a giant thunder clap that woke the dead and brought little people scrambling to mom and dads bed.

Ahhh well. Such is life in my world…

Until tomorrow…

Spent the evening outside

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