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Goodtimes Go Too Fast…

June 20, 2011

Weekends in my life are never long enough. There just never seems to be enough hours in our world to do everything that we want to do.

This weekend we enjoyed time out running around to various events on saturday.

Started out the morning with a dig-a-thon sort of deal at our kids school. They are putting in outdoor classrooms. So they enlisted the help of the parents to pitch in and help out with the first stages. I was quite surprised at the turnout. It warmed my heart to see all the parents and kids working together. There must have been close to a hundred pairs of hands working away at it.

The girls had asked me over a year and a half ago if I would help and I had said I would. With everything that I have had to deal with in the last year and the school they thought I wouldn’t still come and pitch in. I told them that I had given my word that I would and I meant it.

Life lesson learned. You give your word you stand by it no matter what.
Then it was off to choir practice after lunch and a shower. Our faith in good people was certainly renewed. My darling hubby had lost his wallet while we had been wandering around while waiting on the kids. By the time we realized it was gone we scoured all over but there was no trace. We got home later that evening and sure enough there was a message on our phone saying someone had found it.

Faith that there are still good people left in this world restored.

Then off to a friends 40th birthday party down in the heart of our fair city. It was an immensely fun time. We got home late but everyone had fun.

Sunday was fathers day and the kids treated Dad to breakfast in bed and then spent the afternoon out on a search for this old park we used to take them to before we moved. Sadly they didn’t find it but they still had a good time. And I fired up the bbq (after running out of gas and having to bum a quarter tank off my neighbour) and made some pork souvlaki and a salad for dinner.

It was a good weekend all around.

Oh! And I even got all clothes and accessories bought for this coming saturday!

All is well and that’s how were headed into this week. Here’s hoping the rest of the week goes as beautifully.

Until tomorrow…

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