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Another Tuesday Parading Like Monday…

June 28, 2011

So my first long weekend of summer is done. It was just the perfect weekend. I couldn’t have asked for it to be better.

Once the hurry up and go was done getting ready for my mother in laws wedding the rest was a nice and eay downhill run from there.

The wedding was small, intimate and beautiful. Laughter and tears of happiness abounded. Two happy people got married. Lunch reception afterwards was perfect. Everyone enjoyed. The happy couple went off to Niagara Falls with smiles on their faces 🙂

Then we headed home to change and head off to the hubbys picnic which just happened to be on the same day and in the giant park down the street from our house. A short while later we were home again.

And naturally I was back out the door and headed down into the city for yet another of my good friends 40th birthday parties.

I got home at a decent time but stayed up late and lucky for me slept in late with the hubby.

Sunday was its usual chores and errands. Finished off with a nice backyard bbq of hamburgers and salad. Topped off with a two hour park hop with the kids. Twas a beautiful thing.

Yesterday was fun in the sense that both me and the hubby got to walk the kids to school before headed off to the dentist. From my perspective it went well. My other half however wasn’t as happy going home as he ended up having two wisdom teeth pulled. He was only to have the one pulled. Oh well. Two down two to go later.

He’s doing well this morning. No complaints. Kids are almost done school. So they are happy.

And me? Well I’m almost at work so … Let’s just say I’ll be feeling better in about eight hours or so! 😉

Until tomorrow…

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