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Wild Wednesday Here We Go!

June 29, 2011

Yesterday was a total bomb. It started out decent. Things went well right up until I got hauled into the big boss’ office again and once again was put in the hot seat regarding the project that I have been put in charge of. It didn’t go over well as I was too tired to sort out what they were looking for in terms of answers. So it just seemed like every answer I gave wasn’t the right one. I ended up being at work late but thankfully got a ride home from the big boss.

Today I have to go back and face that. Not looking entirely forward to it to be honest.

Tonight it will be a bittersweet night. I was supposed to go to a concert with a good friend of mine but she ended up with the plague and can’t go so she’s giving me the tickets she won and I’m taking my oldest. Which in a sense is a good thing as I was going to do something special with her originally on this weekend past but didn’t because we had everything else going on.

Sigh. Long day coming. They should have warning labels on days like this.

Until tomorrow…

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