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Whirlwind of Fun

July 4, 2011

If there was ever a way to pack a weekend full of smiles better I don’t think I could have ever done it better than we did this weekend.

Thursday I made it to the school 20 minutes to spare to pick the kids up. I got the exact same reaction from all three. The triple take and a running screaming child into my arms. Lucky for me their exit was staggered and they didn’t all converge on me at once.

Spent the rest of the afternoon with our friends and the headed to the mall for dinner.

Friday started off nice and slow before we headed out to Canada Day stuff at city hall. Hang out there for a few hours before heading over to the theatres to see Pirates of the Caribbean 4. That was the girls reward for a great looking set of report cards. Eight As between the lot of them and the rest Bs. Can’t kick at those marks. Then it was headline concerts and fireworks before bed.

Saturday it was up and off to the races as we venture out to the other end of the city to see my dear hubbys grandma for her 90th birthday and then out to lunch with the family. Raced home again to church. Made it in time but they were an hour late for rehearsal. Oops. What can you do. Least we were there 🙂

Yesterday was yet another work of brilliance. Did our chores and I ran the errands first thing in the morning and we had our cousin over for the afternoon and evening. Kids were wound up so much it was incredible what little fireballs those three can be when they are flying high.

Needless to say the kids slept in this morning and have just all called me to say good morning as I sit here outside my building at work.

Me? Well I seriously don’t want to be going to work today but then again when do I ever really want to go. Someday I hope I won’t have to anymore but until then I will keep plugging away as a cubicle zombie.

Until tomorrow…

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