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You’ve Got Mail

July 6, 2011

So finally the mail is starting to roll in and I am seeing packages from my wonderful new editor. He’s making good time and is now about half way through the book. Only issue is there is one package that is missing and I am hoping its on its way and will get to me by the end of the week. Then I can finish all the edits and get them out the door.

There’s a huge part of me that wants this book to be done now. I want to hold it in my hands and know that there are others out there that are holding the very same thing in their hands and enjoying the time they spend with my people.

That is the part that keeps me going through the waiting period. The knowing that someday soon people will be enjoying it. Well I hope they will at least.

Then its onto the next and here’s hoping from there things will take off and fly on their own.

Who knows what the future will bring.

And before I sign off for today a very happy birthday to one of my faithful followers! Have a wonderful day Barb!!

Until tomorrow…

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